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Ep 26 S9 - Melomania - Scad & Hollie

New Books from Kelly Clarkson & Rosie Waterland
Rumours of a Smashing Pumpkin Reunion
Adele might say goodbye to touring
Katy Perry Breaks another record
How important is it tor read instructions
Insurance companies watching you on social media

2017-07-04 Scad & Hollie

Ep 25 S9 - Melomania - Jason Singh

Taylor Swift returns to streaming services
Foo Fighters music festival
Adam Lambert and Queen
Magic Tricks/Natalie Bassingthwaitre returns to our screens
Jason Singh Interview Pt 1
Jason Singh Interview Pt2
Tour Demands
Friends fan Fiction

2017-06-27 Scad & Hollie

Ep 24 S9 - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Man annoys neighbors with a 48 hour radio marathon
Killers confirmed for the AFL Grand final
G EASY/Angus & Julie Stone new album
Hasley album success in 2017
Is there an Error in Season 5 of Orange is the New Black?
Gene Simons wants to trademark the rock hand signal
Want a job, we’ve found a haunting one for you
What shouldn’t you name your kids?
Tanning fans, there could be an easier way to do it
Need a good Plucking?

2017-06-20 Scad & Hollie

Ep 23 S9 - Melomania - Casey Barnes

Blink 182 New music
Songs that are 15 years old in 2017
Sia Tickets selling for up to $800
Ariana Grande Tribute and why she performed the songs she did
Rihanna teaming up with Julia Gillard
Casey Barnes Interview Pt 1
Casey Barnes Interview Pt 2
ABBA Reissue of Records
Cyndi Lauper Broadway

2017-06-13 Scad & Hollie

Ep 22 S9 - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Scad has found the secrets to successful relationships.. we're not really sure
Fidget spinners new craze and music makers
Tours - Peter Andre, Illy & Sia
Would TV Show Friends be successful in 2017
Woman collects her prize from a radio competition that happened 34 years ago

2017-06-06 20.00

Ep 21 S9 - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Dirty Dance Remake
Do you redo movies?
Katy Perry Taylor Swift beef
What I kissed a girl was inspired about
OneRepublic open letter on Facebook
AFL grand final performance. Is it jinxed
Turn back time Cher could be touring Australia & New Zealand
Tiny Dancer – Music video finally released
Should the booming in the UK put artists off from touring?
Margaret Court Controversy
New album releases

2017-05-30 Scad & Hollie

Ep 20 S9 - Melomania - Jared Dylan

Jay Z & Beyonce power couple
Conspiracy theorys
Benefits of not always wearing makeup
Smiles photo shopped onto dj photos
Jared Dylan Interview Part 1
Jared Dylan Interview Part 2
Snoop Dogg to Host a gam Show

2017-05-23 Scad & Hollie

Ep 19 S9 - Melomania - Trent Bell

American Idol Returns Rumors
Scad’s Bucket List/Impersonating Someone Else
Recycled Urine for beer
Is picking your nose good for your health?
Ed Sheeran touring Australia
Liam Payne to release new music
Trent Bell Interview Part 1
Trent Bell Interview Part 2
Evanescence to release new music/reworks of old material
Warning about avocados

2017-05-15 Scad & Hollie

Ep 18 S9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie - Special Guest Shane Burgess

Shane Burgess has a chat to Scad & Hollie
Scad gives Hollie some bizarre home remedies for her cold.

2017-05-05 Scad & Hollie

Episode 17 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

Is feeding your child chocolate spread child abuse?
is 2017 the year of the comeback?

2017-05-04 Scad & Hollie

Episode 16 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

Scad Interprets Hollies Dreams and decides figure out which friends she trusts more

2017-05-04 Scad & Hollie

Episode 15 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

Mandy Steps in for Hollie this Week.
What could go wrong?
Scad has a chat to Jarryd James

2017-05-04 Scad & Hollie

Episode 14 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

2017-05-03 Scad & Hollie

Episode 13 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

Ella Hooper from Killing Heidi has a chat to Scad & Hollie

2017-05-03 Scad & Hollie

Episode 12 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

Episode 12 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

2017-05-03 Scad & Hollie