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Ep 30 S9 - Sam Wood - Hanson - Tommy Trash - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Australian Reality TV Show Fails
Playing Mini Golf IN Active wear
Chainsmokers Touring Australia
Rosie Waterland tour
Get Real With Sam Wood
Hanson Interview Part 1
Hanson Interview Part 2
Music generation gap
Tommy Trash Interview Part 1
Tommy Trash Interview Part 2
Scad & Hollie went to a singles night
Coffee Names

2017-08-01 Scad & Hollie

Ep 29 S9 - Tempus Sun - Death By Denim - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Are Bank Cards about to become a thing of the past?
Death By Denim Interview Part 1
Death By Denim Interview Part 2
Get Real With Scad & Hollie – New segment
Doing something amazing? Let us know
So Fresh festival
Tempus Sun Interview Part 1
Tempus Sun Interview Part 2
What’s the Queen’s Favourite song?
New app to find celebrate crush look alike

2017-07-25 Scad & Hollie

Ep 28 S9 - Melomania - Federica (MJ Social)

New Research on Coffee - Yay its healthy.. for now
History on the Song the Horses
Justin Bieber could be looking for an Australian bride.
Actually vs Melomania
ACDC new album
Live touring Australia with The Calling & Lifehouse
Federica Social Media Interview Part 1
Federica Social Media Interview Part 2
Concert Tickets may be a thing of the past
Spotify under the microscope

2017-07-18 Scad & Hollie

Ep 27 S9 - Melomania - Scad & Hollie

Katy Perry receives backlash
Living End Charity Concert
Some sexy motivation for the gym
Adelaide missing out on the big gigs. Why?
Snorting dandruff
Which TV Series may be returning
Ed Sheeran/Batgirl Movie

2017-07-11 Scad & Hollie

Ep 26 S9 - Melomania - Scad & Hollie

New Books from Kelly Clarkson & Rosie Waterland
Rumours of a Smashing Pumpkin Reunion
Adele might say goodbye to touring
Katy Perry Breaks another record
How important is it tor read instructions
Insurance companies watching you on social media

2017-07-04 Scad & Hollie

Ep 25 S9 - Melomania - Jason Singh

Taylor Swift returns to streaming services
Foo Fighters music festival
Adam Lambert and Queen
Magic Tricks/Natalie Bassingthwaitre returns to our screens
Jason Singh Interview Pt 1
Jason Singh Interview Pt2
Tour Demands
Friends fan Fiction

2017-06-27 Scad & Hollie

Ep 24 S9 - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Man annoys neighbors with a 48 hour radio marathon
Killers confirmed for the AFL Grand final
G EASY/Angus & Julie Stone new album
Hasley album success in 2017
Is there an Error in Season 5 of Orange is the New Black?
Gene Simons wants to trademark the rock hand signal
Want a job, we’ve found a haunting one for you
What shouldn’t you name your kids?
Tanning fans, there could be an easier way to do it
Need a good Plucking?

2017-06-20 Scad & Hollie

Ep 23 S9 - Melomania - Casey Barnes

Blink 182 New music
Songs that are 15 years old in 2017
Sia Tickets selling for up to $800
Ariana Grande Tribute and why she performed the songs she did
Rihanna teaming up with Julia Gillard
Casey Barnes Interview Pt 1
Casey Barnes Interview Pt 2
ABBA Reissue of Records
Cyndi Lauper Broadway

2017-06-13 Scad & Hollie

Ep 22 S9 - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Scad has found the secrets to successful relationships.. we're not really sure
Fidget spinners new craze and music makers
Tours - Peter Andre, Illy & Sia
Would TV Show Friends be successful in 2017
Woman collects her prize from a radio competition that happened 34 years ago

2017-06-06 20.00

Ep 21 S9 - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Dirty Dance Remake
Do you redo movies?
Katy Perry Taylor Swift beef
What I kissed a girl was inspired about
OneRepublic open letter on Facebook
AFL grand final performance. Is it jinxed
Turn back time Cher could be touring Australia & New Zealand
Tiny Dancer – Music video finally released
Should the booming in the UK put artists off from touring?
Margaret Court Controversy
New album releases

2017-05-30 Scad & Hollie

Ep 20 S9 - Melomania - Jared Dylan

Jay Z & Beyonce power couple
Conspiracy theorys
Benefits of not always wearing makeup
Smiles photo shopped onto dj photos
Jared Dylan Interview Part 1
Jared Dylan Interview Part 2
Snoop Dogg to Host a gam Show

2017-05-23 Scad & Hollie

Ep 19 S9 - Melomania - Trent Bell

American Idol Returns Rumors
Scad’s Bucket List/Impersonating Someone Else
Recycled Urine for beer
Is picking your nose good for your health?
Ed Sheeran touring Australia
Liam Payne to release new music
Trent Bell Interview Part 1
Trent Bell Interview Part 2
Evanescence to release new music/reworks of old material
Warning about avocados

2017-05-15 Scad & Hollie

Ep 18 S9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie - Special Guest Shane Burgess

Shane Burgess has a chat to Scad & Hollie
Scad gives Hollie some bizarre home remedies for her cold.

2017-05-05 Scad & Hollie

Episode 17 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

Is feeding your child chocolate spread child abuse?
is 2017 the year of the comeback?

2017-05-04 Scad & Hollie

Episode 16 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

Scad Interprets Hollies Dreams and decides figure out which friends she trusts more

2017-05-04 Scad & Hollie

Episode 15 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

Mandy Steps in for Hollie this Week.
What could go wrong?
Scad has a chat to Jarryd James

2017-05-04 Scad & Hollie

Episode 14 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

2017-05-03 Scad & Hollie

Episode 13 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

Ella Hooper from Killing Heidi has a chat to Scad & Hollie

2017-05-03 Scad & Hollie

Episode 12 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

Episode 12 Season 9 - Melomania with Scad & Hollie

2017-05-03 Scad & Hollie