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Ep 46 S9 - Glenn - Collegians - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

James stars on Taylor Swifts Album
Scad wants 50/50 custody of Hollie’s dog
Glenn Collegians interview part 1
Glenn Collegians interview part 2
Studies on those who listen to Justin Bieber and Eminem
And More

2017-11-21 Scad & Hollie

Ep 45 S9 - Vassy - Emma Hewitt - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Bee Gee’s Musical
Sia gives fans an early x-mas present
VASSY Interview Part 1
VASSY Interview Part 2
Shawn Mendes breaking records
Emma Hewitt Interview Part 1
Emma Hewitt Interview Part 2
Taylor Swift Reputation
And More

2017-11-13 Scad & Hollie

Ep 44 S9 - Melomania With Scad & Mandy

Steps dancing moves
Signs your partner is cheating on you
Lady Gaga Engaged
Kiwi Fruit and Scissors now part of live performances
U2 New album and more

2017-11-07 Scad & Hollie

Ep 43 S9 - Melomania With Scad & Mandy

Health Relationships
Misleading headlines
Mature celeb dads
David Bowie original lyrics to “Starman”
Are you really ready for Taylor Swift?
Tours in Mexico on what its like to cross the boarder
New wedding photo trend causing issues
A forking good idea
Goodness gracious…. Why Scad doesn’t eat 2min noodle anymore

2017-10-31 Scad & Hollie

Ep 42 S9 - Michelle- Eric Alexandrakis - Melomania With Scad & Mandy

The Birth of Wokka Wokka
Day in a life of Essential oils wellness advocate
Recap on The Michael Hutchens Doco
Eric Alexandrakis Interview
Vinyl vs Physical Downloads
Tours and More….

2017-10-24 Scad & Hollie

Ep 41 S9 - Michelle - Melomania With Scad & Mandy

P!NK Touring Australia
Shania Twain Album Success in Australia
Mandy Challanges Scad To figure out the misheard lyrics
Scad gets Real with Essential Oils Wellness Advocate
Sam Smith is a very generous guy
Mandy has Christmas presents covered
and More......

2017-10-17 Scad & Hollie

EP 40S9 - Michelle - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

the great debate.. are musicians, writers, producers getting ripped off?
Same Love Returns to NO 1 in Australia
Mariah Carey to Tour Australia
Hollie challenges Scad to talk using only song lyrics
Scad gets Real With essential Oils Wellness Advocate Michelle about Spring
Taylor Swift Songs used as road sign messages
& Much More

2017-10-10 Scad & Hollie

EP 39 S9 - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Party of Five Revamp
Will & Grace reboot
the smiling assassin on Survivor
Rumours of Channel 10 Shows getting the Axe
Woman Marries Herself
Love don't cost a thing.. unless you appear on the Bachelor.

2017-10-03 Scad & Hollie

EP 38 S9 - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Is it OK to name your children the same name as your sister's children?
Poop Bandit on the run
hologram ABBA Touring
Scad gets real about her morning routine
Selena Gomez brings awareness
Hollie discovers that their are males called Hollie
Are all the Stephen King stories connected
Dad Bod Fashion

2017-09-26 Scad & Hollie

EP 37 S9 - Derrival - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Signs your getting old.. what are they?
Lucy Neville Gets Signed
Got A Story to share? Get real with Scad and Hollie
The Bachelor recap
Breakup Songs... Whats Yours?
Kelly Clarkson first 5 years of music career hell?
Adam from Derrival Interview Part 1
Adam from Derrival Interview Part 2
Marylin Manson and Justin Bieber feud
is it OK to receive an invoice from a birthday party you didn't attend
Gene Simmons Vault

2017-09-19 Scad & Hollie

Ep 36 S9 - 28 Days - Thundamentals - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Ryan Gosling Coffee
Got A Story to share? Get real with Scad and Hollie
Doctor Doctor…. Is Watching You
Damo from 28 Days Interview Part 1
Damo from 28 Days Interview Part 2
Taylor Swift Breaking More records and how much where those diamonds worth in the bath of her music video?
Jesse from Thundamentals Interview Part 1
Jesse from Thundamentals Interview Part 1
Lady Gaga shouted fans pizza
Kelly Clarkson New ALBUM.. And Scad is Excited
Will and Grace returning.. but one main character is not coming back (Insert Sad Face)

2017-09-12 Scad & Hollie

Ep 35 S9 - Michelle - The Marion Cranes - Tigertown - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Sam Smith Releasing New Music
Pandora Shutting up Shop in Australia
Get Real with Michelle
Katy Perry getting sued
Prince’s Favourite Colour
Marion Cranes Interview Part 1
Marion Cranes Interview Part 2
Will Smith releasing new music?
Tigertown Interview Part 1
Tigertown Interview Part 2
Taylor Swift Smashing Records
VMAS recap

2017-09-05 Scad & Hollie

EP 34 S9 - Michelle - The Getaway Plan - Slinkee Minx - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

T-pain plans acoustic tour
Get Real With Essential Oils Wellness Advocate Michelle Part 1
Is social Media adding pressure to how we should look
Matt from the Getaway Plan Interview Part 1
Matt from the Getaway Plan Interview Part 2
30 Seconds To Mars Return
Slinkee Minx Interview Part 1
Slinkee Minx Interview Part 1
New Albums Coming

2017-08-29 Scad & Hollie

Ep 33 S9 - Sam Wood - Melomania - Scad & Hollie

Silent Song Hits Top 50 Charts
Dolly Parton releases a childern's album
Sam Wood Interview Part 4
Snapchat Crowd Surfing
which Celeb feud is finally over?
What age should your children inherit your money/estate
What do you do with your photo's of you with your ex?

2017-08-22 Scad & Hollie

Ep 32 S9 - Sam Wood - Georgia Mae - Zoë Badwi - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

One Direction Fan theory
Sam Wood Interview Part 3
Delta Goodrem and Nick Jonas
Stevie Nicks Touring Australia
Georgia Mae Interview Part 1
Georgia Mae Part 2
What do surgeons listen to when operating
Zoë Badwi Interview Part 1
Zoë Badwi Interview Part 2
Sprung Festival

2017-08-15 Scad & Hollie

Ep 31 S9 - Sam Wood - Lucy Neville - Betty Moon - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Charli XCX New video
HAIM Cover Shania Twain’s that don’t impress me much
Global Citizens Festival
Get Real With SAM Wood Interview Part 2
Lucy Neville Interview Part 1
Lucy Neville Interview Part 2
Colour In Cars

2017-08-08 Scad & Hollie

Ep 30 S9 - Sam Wood - Hanson - Tommy Trash - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Australian Reality TV Show Fails
Playing Mini Golf IN Active wear
Chainsmokers Touring Australia
Rosie Waterland tour
Get Real With Sam Wood
Hanson Interview Part 1
Hanson Interview Part 2
Music generation gap
Tommy Trash Interview Part 1
Tommy Trash Interview Part 2
Scad & Hollie went to a singles night
Coffee Names

2017-08-01 Scad & Hollie

Ep 29 S9 - Tempus Sun - Death By Denim - Melomania With Scad & Hollie

Are Bank Cards about to become a thing of the past?
Death By Denim Interview Part 1
Death By Denim Interview Part 2
Get Real With Scad & Hollie – New segment
Doing something amazing? Let us know
So Fresh festival
Tempus Sun Interview Part 1
Tempus Sun Interview Part 2
What’s the Queen’s Favourite song?
New app to find celebrate crush look alike

2017-07-25 Scad & Hollie

Ep 28 S9 - Melomania - Federica (MJ Social)

New Research on Coffee - Yay its healthy.. for now
History on the Song the Horses
Justin Bieber could be looking for an Australian bride.
Actually vs Melomania
ACDC new album
Live touring Australia with The Calling & Lifehouse
Federica Social Media Interview Part 1
Federica Social Media Interview Part 2
Concert Tickets may be a thing of the past
Spotify under the microscope

2017-07-18 Scad & Hollie

Ep 27 S9 - Melomania - Scad & Hollie

Katy Perry receives backlash
Living End Charity Concert
Some sexy motivation for the gym
Adelaide missing out on the big gigs. Why?
Snorting dandruff
Which TV Series may be returning
Ed Sheeran/Batgirl Movie

2017-07-11 Scad & Hollie